“Life is a Wonderful Mess” Sibling Loss & Explaining Death to your Children

A personal story on sibling loss and explaining death to your children.

Sibling loss

 December 12, March 14, July 25, October 16

  1. The date of my brother’s birthday
  2. The date my brother became a father.
  3. The date I became a Mom.
  4. The date of my brother’s death.
Sibling loss
The Last Picture of Steven. Four Days Before He Was Gone.

Since the death of my brother Steven, I’ve become a student on surviving loss and trying to deal with the loss of a sibling. I have an ongoing lesson on how to explain death to my daughters. Each year as the girls get older, their questions about Uncle Steven get harder and harder to answer. Parker wants to know “exactly how he died.” Peyton has asked, will she get to meet him one day when she goes to Heaven? And with each question and with every answer, no matter how many years have gone by, no matter how much I have tried to learn and understand, I am paralyzed and unprepared for their innocent questions. I will never get over the shock and loss of Steven, but through my children and my niece, I have learned to heal my heart, to seek out my own answers, and to take another step forward, while clinging to memories and a powerful part of my own childhood.

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