Disney Tips

  Disney Tips

  • #10 Don’t stress. If you’re overwhelmed with planning, hire a travel agent that specializes in Disney. Most TA’s are paid by Disney and their services are free.
  • #9 Enjoy the experience. There are stressed out parents all around you. Simply accept the fact that your kids are going to melt down at some point. You might even melt down. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re in DISNEY!
  • #8 Don’t parent shame. There is absolutely no parent shaming in Disney- Got it?- If you don’t know what parent shaming is – look it up and just don’t do it. Parenting 101: We are all doing the best we can, especially in Disney with excited, exhausted, and over-stimulated kids.
  • #7 Be flexible. Even the most organized Disney trips don’t go as planned. You might wake up late, the bus system may be off schedule, or it might – wait for it – rain. Contrary to popular belief, there is NO dome over Disney, so please don’t lash out at the cast members if it rains.
  • #6 Get Memory Maker. Don’t forget to stop and take it all in. For some families, Disney is a one and done trip, or a once in a lifetime trip. Don’t try to get the “perfect” picture or take “every” picture – (I am guilty of this) – be in the moment. Memory Maker is worth every single penny.
  • #5 Be respectful. There are people from ALL over the world vacationing at Disney. Every family and person that is there, spent money to be there – like a lot of money – Everyone’s trip is special in their own way – please don’t act like an entitled ass.
  • #4 Respect the cast members. I PROMISE YOU, cast members aren’t trying to ruin your trip by telling you to move your stroller or to exit a certain way. Disney has a system and it works. If you have an issue or concern, address it in a mature manner.
  • #3 Stay hydrated. Florida heat is like NO other. Don’t forget to drink water and make sure your kids are hydrated. If you need to take a mommy or daddy “time out” and grab a beer, there’s plenty of places to do so – just don’t act like a buffoon. (Also it’s an unspoken parent rule, when you see another parent pushing a stroller with a beer in hand, it’s socially acceptable to have a drink). Please read Disney tip #8 titled – “no parent shaming”- sometimes mommy and daddy need a drink.
  • #2 Don’t “expect” Pixie Dust. You will be highly disappointed in your trip if you “expect” Pixie Dust. There will be lines, there will be crowds, and every single second of your trip may not be perfect. If you want a relaxing trip, without kids, don’t go to Disney. Go to an island.
  • #1 PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP. Sometimes Disney leaves bounce back offers. Be sure to ask upon check out or check your room before you leave.


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This will be the first of MANY Disney blogs! These are all my personal pictures and my personal experiences. You are entitled to disagree and quite frankly, it doesn’t bother me one Disney bit!

Yes. I Am Going to Disney. AGAIN.


Kid-Free Disney

Even before my husband and I had kids, we loved Disney. We traveled to Disney World with a big group of friends and had the best time ever! Instead of running to Anna and Elsa at rope drop, we contemplated when it would be appropriate to start drinking around the world in Epcot. You know…for the cultural experience.

When we were younger, my parents headed to Disney without us. Yes, they did… for a wedding. It was one of those sparenoexpensebecausethisisonceinalifetime weddings. There was a Cinderella Coach, footmen, cocktails in the rose garden during evening fireworks, and a reception dancing the night away with Mickey in “tails” and Minnie in evening sequins. My parents said it was the best time, the best food, the best Disney magic ever. (They really enjoyed going on all the crazy rides sans kids… but I digress).

Peyton telling Snow White that SHE was also a princess, Princess P.

After we had our first daughter, we planned a vacation to Disney. Then the second daughter came, and well, we had to let her have the same experiences as her older sister, and the cycle began. We keep going back to Disney – and we will continue to do so- Disney is NOT just for kids. Yes, at some point in my life, I want a kid-free vacation. I want to sit my ass on an island and drink margaritas. BUT for now, my kids are 7, 5, and 2, therefore, Disney it is…

But beyond the ever-changing way that Disney encourages fans to return, again and again, it is the Disney moments that keep me up late at night clicking to get the best deals. Continue reading “Yes. I Am Going to Disney. AGAIN.”