Pixie Dust

When you’re vacationing in the “Disney bubble”, magic is all around…But even more magical is “Pixie Dust” – Lucky guests may receive pixie dust in the form of an upgraded room, an extra fast pass, or can even pop into various locations in Magic Kingdom to be sprinkled with real Disney “pixie dust”. This mama was sprinkled with some during my daughters’ appointment when Abby’s “fairy godmother in training” asked if I wanted pixie dust sprinkled in my hair – out came the wand and I got to make a magical wish. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – Disney Springs

But on our last night, we experienced a rare magic that was utterly unexpected.

To the kind and extremely generous “Disney” person who sprinkled Pixie Dust on my family…Thank you!

img_3366You caught my family on a good night! Honestly, most days we are just winging it and this day in Walt Disney World was no different. We had decided to spend the day and hang at the pool — and then decided to push on the wave of the good moods of the four girls and risk a surprisingly available dining reservation at Trattoria Al Forno.
Our niece, Abigail, who has a gluten allergy was seriously craving some gluten free pasta and bread and this was the place! With a little bit of hoping for the best, but planning for the worst —cause that’s what you do — we snagged the reservation at the restaurant which is right next to our hotel, just in case one or all of the girls developed the much feared “Disney meltdown” — we planned for a quick and painless escape back to the room.
Princess Piper having an epic Disney meltdown
Dinner was really lovely. Good food, great service and all of the girls were sweet, calm, and cooperative.  With four girls, ages, 10, 7, 6, and 2, meltdowns are inevitable and believe me, we had our share of Disney mini and max meltdowns during the week… “I’m hot, I have to pee, can I have ice cream, but I wanna, can’t we? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….”  
 However, on this night, there were no pee panics and no whining for ice cream. Surprisingly, they all agreed on evening princess attire and nothing was subject to spilled water, chocolate milk or the ever popular, “eww, I’m not eating THIS!” On top of everything, they stayed in their seats, spoke quietly, laughed, shared, and smiled… all at 9:00 at night.

true Disney wish come true.

img_3385Parker sleeping on daddy

Even though it was a beautiful evening, by the end of dinner, my husband and I were still exhausted  Debit card in hand, one princess fast asleep, we were ready to pay and go. I will never forget what happened next.
The bill came. I opened the leather folder and just stared. At first, my husband thought there was something wrong – you know, a dinner check ‘sticker shock’ — He really got worried when I started to cry.
Instead of the dinner check, there was a handwritten note. I handed it to my husband.  


We know our girls aren’t perfect  — and we are far from perfect parents. Most days we are making it up as we go along…. Abby and Parker can toss out serious sass…Piper can take the terrible 2’s to an Olympic level… performing the full-blown blood-curdling shatter the mirrors screams for the enjoyment of shocked and sympathetic observers. Our older daughter Peyton falls to pieces and can sob hiccups if a cloud covers the sun. But…on most days, they are kind, sweet, and thankful. They go out of their way to be loving and thoughtful and to smile and find joy in everything we have been able to do for them. Those sweet little girls were with us that night.


Thank you for recognizing that and thank you for your enormously kind gesture.

Parenting is difficult in a judgmental world where anonymous snarky and cruel comments are commonplace —and simple polite behavior is hard to find — but this experience reminded us there are truly wonderful and kind people.
We will pay it forward — maybe to another family trying to wrangle four princesses, a family with four pirates, or a family just “doing their best” to hold it all together…
We will try to remember this experience the next time Piper colors all over the couch and her face, Peyton has a theatrical meltdown, Parker whips out her infamous Parker pout, or Abby rolls her eyes as only a ten-year-old teenager can.
And we will definitely be taking that 8:40 dining reservation more often.

With Thanks,

Grateful and Proud Parents


Outfits in the cover picture from Walmart
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