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Top Ten Reasons to Use a Travel Agent


A lot of people ask exactly what I do as a Disney Vacation Planner— this post explains why I got into the business of planning vacations and why everyone should use a vacation planner, especially if you are heading to Disney!

Before my husband and I had kids, we were frequent Disney goers. We went in September during low crowd times. We had minimal responsibility and a ton of fun. We hopped from park to park, ate when we wanted, and created our own schedule.

Disney without kids is simplistic — there’s no carrying an overly-exhausted sticky from too much cotton candy kid, there’s no folding up a bulky double stroller and strategically planning on where to stand on the too crowded Disney bus  — and there isn’t a necessity to eat three meals a day, use the bathroom every 10 minutes, or ask for more ice cream every three minutes— I mean, unless you really want to—

Spring Break 2013 was our first trip to Disney as parents — what an eye-opening adventure. Although we had a blast, we had moments of frustration — I was a complete disappointment to all the “Disney Planning Mamas” out there – I didn’t plan one damn Disney thing— it was a last minute trip and we made the mistake of thinking we could “wing it”—  we struggled to find dinner options and ate quick service meals — we didn’t realize that you needed to have advanced  dining reservations — we also knew nothing about fast passes — we were those foolish mortals standing on the lengthy, winding lines, inquiring about the “fast” line and how to get on it.


Planning for Disney can be seriously overwhelming. After our disorganized spring break trip, we realized that if we wanted a stress-free Disney trip in the future, we needed advanced planning.

The best way to do that is to hire a Disney Vacation Planner.

I literally took that advice to the next level and became one.

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MY Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Use a Disney Vacation Planner

  • #10. We plan trips because we love Disney.
  • #9. Most travel agents will do your advancing dining reservations and fast passes. I do this as a courtesy for my clients.  We have your 180-day mark and your 60-day mark on the calendar and have practiced logging into your My Disney Experience account. We wake up early and we get it done.
  • #8. We know how to navigate around your My Disney Experience account like a pro. We add notes, organize your account, and make sure you understand how to use MDE.
  • #7. We are up to date on Disney news. I am constantly reading about Disney and if I am not reading about Disney, I’m talking to other Disney Vacation Planners in secret Facebook groups.
  • #6. We call Disney— need to change a dining reservation or make an appointment for the boutique,  we make the call. You never have to sit on hold and listen to, “It’s a Small World” over and over. (Unless you really want to).
  • #5. We set up Magical Express and give you pointers on what to pack in your carry-on, just in case the magical motor coach takes longer than usual to deliver your luggage.
  • #4. We look for special rates and promotions and if we can, apply them to your trip.
  • #3. We become your personalized Disney expert— any questions are answered in a simple text or phone call directly to us. You have one-on-one communication.
  • #2. We have experience. We can give suggestions and recommendations for restaurants, rides, and anything Disney — we give honest reviews and advice from personal experience.
  • #1. Most travel agents are FREE – we are paid by Disney— this is the only time you’ll hear the word free and Disney in the same sentence. Take advantage!


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These are all my personal pictures and my personal experiences. You are entitled to disagree and quite frankly, it doesn’t bother me one Disney bit!


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