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I’ve had three babies in 6 years. It certainly does a number on your body. I feel like I’ve been pregnant, breastfeeding, and hormonal for awhile now! Peyton is 6, Parker is 5 and my youngest, Piper, is 18 months, and I am finally feeling like ME! Well…most days…

Unfortunately, there’s this unrealistic expectation that women should just magically lose the baby weight…but sorry, it’s just NOT realistic. With my first daughter, Peyton, I gained around 40 pounds during the pregnancy, and it FELL off in the first two weeks, but then I struggled with my second daughter and I only gained 25 pounds and she was my smallest baby! Go figure! My last daughter was the hardest. I was in my 30s when I had Piper, and everything was different. The pregnancy was harder and losing the weight was even harder, not to mention I struggled with PPA.

I’m not going to lie, I am not the most patient person in the world. I thought the weight would just fall off with breastfeeding, but ultimately, it did the opposite. Sure, I lost weight, but I was SO hungry all the time. I was eating all the time too (healthy options of course), but I wasn’t losing the extra weight. Thankfully my body was smarter than my ego, and it retained some weight most likely to keep my milk supply for Piper.

When I was done nursing, I felt like the last few pounds melted off me, but I also put in some hard work. If I couldn’t make it to the gym, I worked out at home doing Jillian Michael’s videos, HIIT workouts I had found on Pinterest…or I would run or walk with the baby in the stroller whenever the weather cooperated.

img_8218It took time. And I had to be patient. Essentially, with each pregnancy, it took about a year to feel like “me” again. But being a mom means your body is changed forever. I definitely have the mom stomach and things just aren’t as they were before, but it’s SO worth it! After Peyton, when I was starting to feel like myself again at her first birthday, I found out a week later that I was pregnant with Parker!  With Parker, it took a solid year, and again with my last baby (I think 😜), it took a little more than a year because I nursed her the longest.

There’s no rule that you need to lose the baby weight in a certain amount of time and everyone will have their body respond in a different way depending on hormones, metabolism, muscle memory, or even what exercises they did during pregnancy.

Working on strengthening my core and pelvic floor again was most important…think kegels 🙂

Getting my running endurance back up was the most challenging. I am not the strongest runner, especially speed wise, but I have the endurance and heart. Since the birth of my second daughter, I realized that I needed to cross train as well. I have incorporated spinning, weights, HIIT workouts, SLT classes, and even some yoga. Another favorite of mine is TRX. I just haven’t had the time to get into that class. Finding the balance and changing it up is important in losing the weight and not burning out, along with drinking plenty of water, sleep, and a healthy diet. Don’t get me wrong, I splurge…Dessert (occasionally) and wine on the weekends. Balance and moderation are key in everything.

Top 5 tips for fitness success:

  1. Find a workout group that supports and encourages. You will hold each other accountable.
  2. Change it up and try new things. Pinterest is an amazing place to find new workouts.
  3. Be patient and listen to your body. Rest when your body needs rest! Schedule your rest days.
  4. Drink water & Eat Healthy
  5. Create goals and a workout schedule. Write those goals down.

Links to some of my favorite workouts below:

6 months postpartum on the left after baby #3 and 18 months postpartum with baby #3 on the right! Hard work pays off!


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